Let’s face it: your carpet can get pretty filthy!

Between food crumbs, sand granules and dirt, pet hair and dander, and who knows what else, regular carpet cleaning is important. And while vacuuming a couple times a week is critical, it isn’t enough.

Professional carpet cleaning is an important part of carpet upkeep that regularly gets overlooked. And before you even ask, no, DIY steam cleaning and heavy suction vacuuming don’t count. Sorry, folks.

When we say professional carpet cleaning we actually mean picking up the phone and calling in a professional company that uses approved carpet cleaning equipment and methods.

In addition to regular vacuuming, smart homeowners who wish to protect their investment and prolong the lifespan of their carpet schedule a professional cleaning as frequently as the manufacturer recommends. This is usually once per year or so. Yes, it can be a slight hassle preparing for the professional cleaning process, but the benefits are well worth it.

Why professional carpet cleaning is important

Professional carpet cleaning is sometimes avoided because some folks just don’t feel it’s worth their time or money. Here are just 3 reasons to hop on the regular, professional carpet cleaning bandwagon.

It cleans your carpet – like REALLY cleans your carpet

Dirt, dander, grime and hair can be tricky. While dusting and vacuuming can eliminate a good amount, these suckers are great at finding their way deep, deep into the fibers and backing of carpeting. So deep, in fact, that some vacuum equipment is unable to extract these agents.  Regularly scheduled professional cleaning with a company that uses proper equipment is the answer to eliminating this problem – and the accompanying odors and bacteria that can present. Things like pet hair and dander are common allergens and irritants. Eliminating these airborne allergens keeps your air fresh and helps you breathe easier, especially in the summer and winter months when you spend more time indoors.

It Maintains Luster

Over time, carpet can lose its texture and definition. A lot of that has to do with the amount of dirt and grime building up in the fibers and the abrasive wear of the tips of the tufts.

You will be amazed how much life and color can be brought back into your carpet after a deep cleaning – especially if you have lighter colored carpeting. Darker colors become richer again, lighter colors appear more vibrant (like when the carpet was new).

Proper and Regular Vacuuming Keeps Your Warranty Intact

One of the biggest reasons to keep your carpet cleaned by a professional is to keep yourself covered. Many carpet warranties stipulate that unless the carpet is professionally cleaned every 12-18 months the warranty may void. Important tip: KEEP THE RECEIPTS because the manufacturer may require them if you ever file a claim for carpet that is not wearing or performing properly.

So, hopefully we’ve informed you and helped you to better protect your investment and extend the life cycle of your carpet. And, in addition to the money you could save by not replacing your carpet prematurely, we have other cost-saving information that you’ll find helpful.  Download our free Flooring Money Saving Guide, filled with tips and tricks on how to get the most bang for your buck and make the floor buying experience easier.