Whether you are getting a home ready to put on the market or you are just trying to make a big splash in the new year with a fresh new look, redecorating and remodeling a home can be an exciting yet stressful time.

Juggling the duties of planning and executing designs, picking and choosing décor elements like paint, flooring and furniture as well as staying within your means is a tough job for anyone homeowner.

It may be time to call in back up. Bringing in an interior designer to help with your redecorating or remodeling is a smart and efficient way to bring your plans to life. And doing so may actually save you money.

Whether you have a vivid master plan or have no idea where to start, the right interior designer could be your guardian angel.

Provides structure and planning

A skilled interior designer doesn’t just offer advice on colors and styles of furniture, fabric, or tile. He or she can help you develop and articulate your vision in a manner that brings common sense and order to the various aspects of redesign and renovation. They can help keep you and your project(s) on track and within budget.

Very importantly, your designer can anticipate problems before they occur and help you avoid decisions that lead to costs that spiral out of control. This is where the most competent designers shine for their clients. They’ve acquired the experience of working with both good and bad trades, so they know what to ask, what to look for, and when to change course if needed, before things get out of hand.

A trained set of eyes

You may have your own unique ideas and design concepts. However, your scope may be limited because you have spent more time in the space thinking about the same concepts. If this is the case, naturally, you may develop blinders. The old “can’t see the forest for the trees” adage is common.

You can use an interior designer to bounce ideas off of or help improve and refine your current design ideas. Beyond that, an interior designer isn’t just an extra set of eyes; he or she brings their own project management background, creative perspective and, usually, a wealth of experiences that allows them to envision opportunities previously unseen.

It saves money (no, really)

The concept of bringing in a trained professional and saving money at the same time is rightfully head-scratching. But, hear us out! Tackling designing and remodeling on your own opens you up for costly design, décor and decorating mistakes. These mistakes can cost you time and money to replace or repair and, for you sellers out there, can directly affect your cost basis and your selling price.

With an experienced interior designer providing direction, insight and overseeing the process, they can help ensure that mistakes are minimized and trades are delivering their services on time and in a professional manner. Interior designers may also have secrets, shortcuts, money-saving tips and product recommendations from their years of expertise that will create more savings.

Boosts appeal to buyers and neighbors

Owning a home with interior schemes that have been influenced and coordinated by a professional designer will distinguish your property – and this is especially important for sellers. The feedback from prospective buyers during Open House season – and reduced days on market – will affirm that your decision to partner with an interior designer was the right one.

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