Mobile Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood comes from deciduous trees, ones with broad leaves that are shed in the fall; many produce fruit or nuts. Some of the most popular species are oak, ash, cherry, maple and poplar.

When considering hardwood flooring, you can choose from solid – where boards are purely wood from top to bottom — or engineered wood – a product that melds real wood in layers to create more installation options. Not all hardwoods are available in engineered wood, but the most popular ones are, including oak, pecan, maple, cherry and hickory. An upside to an engineered wood floor is its ability to stay flat even when extreme moisture or temperatures occur. Engineered floors are thinner than solid wood ones so they can be installed over an existing floor with few worries, such as door clearance. Solid wood flooring is often used in new construction homes. It is available as ‘site sanded’ and prefinished from the manufacturer.

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