Realtors’ Guide to Flooring

As a Realtor, you know the importance of curb appeal. If the garden and lawn are overgrown with weeds, and the paint is chipped and peeling it is going to be difficult to get a potential buyer excited about walking in the door.

As potential buyers step through the doorway, the paint on the walls and the condition of the carpet and floor create the “indoor” curb appeal. If your listing has old, worn, or stained carpet, vinyl, tile or wood floors you run the risk of turning off lots of potential buyers. Fresh, new flooring is even more crucial when selling an empty property because there is no way to hide the flaws. In an empty room, all buyers see is the floors.

Included in the free downloadable guide:

  • Tips to becoming a flooring expert
  • Strategies to help your customer narrow down their choices
  • In-depth looks at different flooring styles

And more!

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