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What Does “Warehouse Prices” Really Mean?

For years our tagline has been “In-home shopping, warehouse prices”. Among Realtors, designers, property managers and custom home builders, Tish Flooring is known for bringing samples of carpet, hardwood, resilient and tile products to the home rather than requiring customers to come to our showroom. So, the “In-home shopping” is part of who we are, but the “warehouse prices” part of our tagline is much more than a catchy phrase.

Ideas + Updates From Tish

Carpet Fashion Roundup

It's no secret that we love carpet. Carpet is soft, welcoming, beautiful and perfect for any home. Carpet is also one the most versatile and fashionable flooring choices available. From long-strand plush carpet to short-strand vacuum-friendly carpet. Patterned styles...

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It’s the 70’s All Over Again

Time travel may not exist, but recently we have been feeling like we’re reliving the 1970’s again. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing – the 70’s were pretty hip years (for those of us who remember). But, it is interesting how we have started seeing a re-emergence...

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Fastest Ways to Ruin Hardwood Flooring

Character, natural richness, beauty – just a few words that describe hardwood flooring. But, as most everyone knows, unlike many tile and stone products hardwood can be susceptible to damage or failure if one isn’t knowledgeable about how to care for it. We get asked...

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